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Why Zeo Auto


Device Agnostic

- Choose device closer to your pricepoint
- compatible with 80% devices in Indian market.


Multilevel Tracking

Members only track vehicles assigned to them


Better Visibility

Realtime location and vehicle health information


Deep Analytics

Custom reports for each vehicle and driver. Ability to track over 200+ parameters


Reduce Expenses

Better tracking and assignment. 25% reduction for average fleet owner.


Open API

Integrate easily with your CRM, order management and route optimization software to enhance offerings.


Realtime Alerts

Customised alerts for overspeeding, route deviation, driver and vehicle ranking, tolls and idle time.


Driver Profile

Assign drivers easily, track driving behaviour and select your best driver.

Zeo Auto Features

- Consolidated view of the whole fleet
- Easily track vehicles which are running/stopped/ Idle
- Single click alert tracking

- Consolidated Status of each fleet
- Live Location of each vehicle provided
- Analysis of routes/ traffic/ Idle time
- Geofencing Alerts for vehicle entering/exiting
- Share realtime location with any partner
- Live Odometer and speed reading
- Health data – coolant temp. engine temp from additional sensors
- Immobilize vehicle remotely in case of theft
- See Historical Trip Data
- Select Data and time for Vehicle Location
- Analyze whole trip - Playing up to 6x speed
- Get Speed/ Distance and Address parameters
- Share Realtime location with any partner
- Customizable reports for idle time/ over speeding
- Daily Trip and Distance Reports
- Customizable to see data over a period of time
- Amount of time vehicle is running/idle or stopped
- View Alerts – Over speeding / Hard breaking/ Entering/ exiting geo fenced area/ breakdown
- View total distance and average speed for given period
- Download the detailed report in csv/ Pdf
- Connect with your CRM/ order management system via APIs
- Plan Trip expenses for long haul/ intercity deliveries
- Select Starting & End points and vehicle type
- Get total time taken, total distance covered and Toll Expenses
- Fuel Mileage and Fuel Cost can be added to get total trip expenses
- Get alerts whenever the vehicle crosses a particular toll
- Get the best route between starting and end points
- Keep all the Driver documents in 1 place stored safely on cloud
- Verify the documents via APIs provided
- Assign the drivers to vehicles seamlessly to record driving behavior
- Contact the driver from within the app via phone number addition
- Tracking driving behavior and reports to select your best drivers
- Get overview of all your finances, control leakages and handle petty cash
- Assign total trip amount, advance provided and expenses
- Keep payment & Billing information for records
- Granular level information to see performance and utilization of each vehicle
- Seamlessly integrated with Toll and Trip Expenses
- Integrate with order management system via APIs to track returns and calculate immediately
- For Companies working with 3rd party fleet owners
- Post and assign loads from the platform itself
- Specify the start and end points, date and truck detail
- Easily integrate with order management and CRM via APIs, post through own system
- For truck owner, details get filled in finance module to seamlessly plan trip
- Track vehicle utilization via trips and orders

Integrated with

50+ OBD & GPS devices


3rd Party Fleets


Port Existing Device

No additional expense for partner


Pre Emptive Alerts

Get alerts while vehicle is in operation. Take early action and inform clients to increase NPS and client satisfaction.

API Integration

API Integration

S2S integration with your system via open APIs

Assign orders Directly

Assign Orders Directly

Directly post the load to the fleet owner via APIs. Get visibility over the route.


Multilevel Tracking

Multilogin facility - assign visibility in your team according to span of control and get customised MIS.


Operation Assignment

Fleet owner has ability to assign/change vehicles on click of a button. Only see vehicles assigned to you.


24 X 7 Visibility

Data cached in low connectivity zones leading to no dark spots in analysis. Track vehicle even when driver switches off his phone.


Customized Analytics

Rank Vendors/ trucks nd drivers basis utilization, fulfillment, driving pattern and operating cost per mile.

Operations Management Platform in your palm

Building community bringing all players together for benefit of fleet owners, drivers and Fleet users


- Client communication and ETA
- Speed, mileage and geo fencing.
- Idle time and overspeeding alerts.
- Finance module
- Load posting module
- Toll calculator


- Driver assignment and profiling
- Live tracking
- Historical performance and alerts


- Multi login functionality
- Customised MIS
- Early alerts for ETA increase, route deviation and over speeding

  • TrackingdbTracking Db
  • order-managementOrder Management
  • route-optimisationRoute Optimisation
  • mis-alertsMIS & Alerts
  • Multi-loginMulti Login

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